View Full Version : Brake light switch contact issues

05/03/10, 07:08 PM
so I installed HB last week, runs great, stops hard...perfect only issue when I reinstalled pushrod o brake pedal and reinstalled BL switch, I wasnt getting any brake lights, I had small tear in pos lead, so i ordered a new switch and rewired and put back on....same issue, I have to really step on brake for pushrod to contact switch enough to make contact, brake lights come on but foot has to be on floor, and as HB converts know-that is a no no.....i did not take a measurement of brake pedal height from bottom when i removed old set up, do i have to make brake pedal 5.5" to 6" off floor for the contact to work??? a little flustered any suggestions would be much appreciated

Z Bronco
05/04/10, 07:09 AM
A '97 Ranger brake light switch looks the same but has a softer spring in it. The electrical connections also go straight back. You might want to check the '93 Ranger since my brain can't exactly remember the year.

05/04/10, 07:57 AM
Also, you can bend the tab on the switch to make it come on quicker, take it off and you will see what i am referring to. My stock one had that problem after switching to stock PD.