View Full Version : Windshield Hinge Gasket/Weatherstrip advice?

05/04/10, 01:21 PM
Okay... So after the last car wash, and finding a bucket of water had gotten into the dash onto the floor boards, I noticed I was missing the windshield hinge weatherstrip.
Just got that shipped in yesterday but when I install it, the windshield frame doesn't sit back down all the way... still have about a 2-3" gap at the top.
Don't want to smash it down as it feels like it will pull the hinge or welds apart.

Anyone else run into this problem or have an idea solution? I am installing the weatherstrip with the beaded edge facing the hinge, but either way it still doesn't sit back down all the way.

Thank you.

moe d
05/04/10, 01:41 PM
i did the beaded edge away from the hinge and my windshield sits right

05/04/10, 06:59 PM
sounds like a leaky cowl panel and windshield base.