View Full Version : Cool product from por-15

dead road
05/05/10, 07:26 PM
Needed to fix my tailgate where the tire latch connects. I guess the tire carrier had been slammed into it to many times and it was dented in. I figured it would flex way to much for bondo. So I went to the paint store to see about lead. They sold me some stuff called Lab-Metal from por-15. Started laying it in and was impressed. It was like working with wood putty. It wanted to dry fast and required alot of solvent to keep it plyable. Once I let it cure I started sanding on it. It sanded alot easier than I expected and it looks exactly like aluminum. I have a feeling I'll find alot of uses for this stuff. Best part is that it can be powder coated, and I LOVE having stuff powder coated.

05/05/10, 08:35 PM
Do you have a backer plate on your latch or is it drilled through?

dead road
05/05/10, 08:46 PM
I do have a backer plate. It apparently only helps with buldging outward from the tire carrier weight. Didn't help with denting in from being slammed or maybe it got bumped a little from behind.