View Full Version : 91 f-150 help

sean lalley
05/06/10, 06:55 PM
i know that its not a bronco but it is close
i have a friend that has a 91 nite f-150 and he has problems with voltage gauge
he has replaced the battery sylinoid alt voltage reg and it still pulls way down to almost nothing when he turns headlight wiper and radio on anyone got any ideas that could help him

05/06/10, 11:55 PM
Has he replaced the alternator? He might have a bad wire somewhere that is shorting out and pulling the volts down

05/07/10, 12:14 AM
First thing to do, if he hasn't already, is make sure it's not just the gauge reading erratically. When it's down, he should measure the actual voltage at the battery. If it's good, then it's a bad gauge. If it's low, then like az said, a few things to check up front.
Could be a deteriorating ground cable. A deteriorating alternator. Or a combination thereof.

Any more clues? Like what circumstances when it started, how long it's been doing it, stuff like that.