View Full Version : AOD neutral safety switch

05/11/10, 07:19 AM
I'm having some issues with my AOD nss. My back up lights stay on and the bronco won't start in any gear...park thru low with the nss hooked up. I hooked the switch up according to a diagram found on the internet ( scroll to bottom). How does the nss work? Could something be out of adjustment or is the switch bad? Thanks in advance.

05/11/10, 08:45 AM
Do these symptoms sound like I have my wires crossed?

05/11/10, 10:06 AM
Sounds like it could be a wiring problem. Did it ever work?

The switch connects the two start wire pins together when in PARK and NEUTRAL. It also connects the two reverse light pins when in REV. Might want to take an ohmmeter to the switch itself and see which pins are connected in the different gears. If the switch tests good the problem is in the wiring.

05/11/10, 11:24 AM
Thanks Viperwolf1, I will test the switch tonight. I may also have the back up lights wired wrong at the tail light housings.

05/11/10, 06:23 PM
Problem solved. I had the switch wired backwards. Thanks for the help.