View Full Version : proper tranny install and torque specs

03/14/04, 10:19 AM
What are the tricks out there to properly install and align a tranny? I also need to know the torque specs to bolt the transfer case to the intermediate housing and then the tranny to the bell housing. I dont want to just bolt it up and then maybe end up destroying it. I cant get it professionally installed for a month and want to get it on the road by the end of the week! Thanks in advance.

03/14/04, 02:15 PM
no special techniques for lining up the tranny on the bell housing. I did manually trannies, so I dunno what it's like for an auto, but just put the tranny in a gear and use the output and by turning it you can line up the splines. then have someone start the bolts while you bench press it up there. easier if you have the t-case separated form the tranny.
Don't know torque specs, book is at my folks house, prolly around 40ft-lbs, maybe less. use new grade 8 hardware with lock washers...
cheers good luck... no need for "professional" install... they do it the same way.