View Full Version : Tuffy Glove Box and VIN Data Plate

03/19/06, 06:13 AM
I just switched over to a Tuffy box for all the right reasons (roll bar, security, etc.) but what do I do about my VIN/Data plate?

03/19/06, 08:19 AM
This should give you and idea.............................................. (

03/19/06, 11:07 AM
I drilled out the rivets on the old door and used JBWeld to secure the VIN plate to the same spot on the inside of the Tuffy door. Had no problems at all when I moved from OKlahoma to Texas getting the vehicle transferred. I also still have the original factory door decal that shows a matching VIN number, but they never looked at it.

Good Luck

03/19/06, 11:28 AM
Every time ive needed mine I just carried along the stock glove box door, the only time when ive ever been asked for it, was when I run it through emissions and they really dont care that it is detached....