View Full Version : automatic swap question???

03/19/06, 01:49 PM
So yesterday I was test driving this bronco, and while going down the road I noticed how nice it was to not have to shift(it had a c4). so this got me thinkin; I was planning to do a zf or a nv3550 but what about an aod or something?

what is the easiest auto with an od to swap in to an eb?
also what is the stronger of the auto trans with od?

03/19/06, 02:04 PM
4r70w from and explorer, or an AOD.... Do a search here you'll find lots of info.. none are as easy as a c4.... w/ OD there crossmember mods, driveshaft mods. ect...

03/19/06, 06:43 PM
I am leanin more towards the aod. so which is stonger? can I use the shifter for the c4 on an aod? what about the kick down cable?

03/19/06, 06:50 PM
dont think you can use the shifter , both trans can be built strong, the 4r70w from a 98 or newer Explorer has a lower first gear... like I said do a search, AOD might cost alittle less but the 4r70w has some better features... but cost more to do.. w/ electronics and stuff

03/19/06, 06:51 PM
make sure that either trans comes off of a 5.0 not 6cyl or 4.6... ;)

03/19/06, 07:17 PM
ooh good thinkin