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03/19/06, 06:20 PM
I bought a A9L computer for a 5.0 manual conversion the bronco runns but once warm it will not start till it cools down. has lots of weird codes hoiw can you tell if I have a bad computer just got it running 1 week ago

03/19/06, 07:10 PM
check to see if you have spark at the coil wire you may have a bad ign module. ?:?

03/19/06, 07:13 PM
First, list the codes so we can see them. Also, try to erase the continuous memory codes. They can sometimes stick around from a previous installation.

I run an A9M on 351W and it is sometimes a bit hard starting when it is hot. I have recently adjusted the idle screw on the throttle body so that the butterfly is more open when the pedal is at rest. That has helped the hard start a lot.

Does it act like it is having a hard time cranking when it is hot? That can indicate a base timing problem.