View Full Version : Hood Release Spring Removal

03/23/06, 08:42 PM
Does anyone have any pointers on removing a stubborn hood release spring? I am trying to get my hood to close after installing my mustang engine. All I need to do is just turn that spring stud about two turns.

Gummi Bear
03/23/06, 09:17 PM
A bigger screwdriver won't work? ;D

Soak it. It's probably got some crud built up in it. PB Blaster is a wonder liquid in a can. Available at your favorite auto parts and hardware stores.

One more thing, once you do get it out; clean up the threads with your bench grinders wire wheel. Use some Loctite on it when you put it back (mine unscrewed itself once and fell out on the highway, I felt silly)

03/24/06, 04:22 PM
I ended up soaking the screw with PB Blaster over night, and then I made the slot, on the end of the stud deeper with my handy little cut off wheel. Then I used a big screw driver and crescent wrench and BAM! came right loose.