View Full Version : NWMP tank with EFI - what pump, accumulator, lines?

03/26/07, 07:49 PM
Just wondering what fuel pumps, accumulators, and lines folks are running with their 23 gallon NWMP tanks. Happy with all?

03/26/07, 10:50 PM
I use my old Carter carb pump to suck fuel out of the selector valve.
Homemade accumulator out of a propane bottle
Return throutgh an unused evap nipple on the top front of the tank

03/27/07, 07:59 PM
Thanks BB. Anyone else?

03/27/07, 08:45 PM
I have your little brother-20gal with sefi windsor. "System",- line drops out of tank to a 5psi carter low pressure, goes through a "large" fram filter, then to a stock fomoco ranger accum. right out of the accum. it goes to the stock fomoco 5.0/5.8 frame mount pump, then to the fuel rails, lastly the return back to the fitting on the tank..... The bronco has stood on it head, tail and almost on it side and has not hickupped as of yet, 4 years and running... :)

03/27/07, 10:49 PM
The basic plan, 2 loops connected with an accumulater. One loop goes tank>pump>accumulater>tank. The other loop goes accumulator>pump>injectors>regulator>accumulater. Add filters as needed.