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03/29/07, 08:02 PM
I know this forms for older bronco's but its only place i ill ask.I have 2 85 that has a 351w with a c6 tran and i have a 86 with a 302 and a AOD tran.I want to swap the AOD out with the question is.can they just be directly swaped over an bolt right up?Also the AOD wont shift out of first gear i have changed the filter and fluid and such but did not help.some info on why it wont shift whould be great to thanks.

03/29/07, 08:34 PM
I cant help much with the shifting problem but if your going to swap it I'd get it rebuilt before installing it. The only thing that you will need is the a flex plate for he engine that you are swapping the tranny to as the 302 and 351 have a different balance. ie 50 oz vs 28 oz.

hillbilly delux
03/30/07, 06:33 AM
i had the same problem with my 88 F250. The diaphram was broken and would not hold enough pressure to shift out of 1st. Will it shift out if you let off the accelerator? or does is just not shift out. Can you manually shift. I'm NOT a transmission guru. Just know that one thing. Some other guys should chime in.