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03/29/07, 10:38 PM
I just pulled a 5.8 with c-6 out of a 95 crew cab today that met a bad driver recently, got the whole thing for $650.00 if you can beleive that. The guy just wanted it out of his yard! So i did some investigating and have found i need the advance adapter to run my dana 20, i need a harness, but ryan sounds scary, although i did pull the entire harness and eec from the donor it doesn't look to fun to try and reuse, efi pump, return fuel line,( how do you run the return line into the tank?) new drive shafts, and a new hood(maybe just leave it off!) Everyone seems to run the 5.0 with the mustang efi, i hope i can make the stock stuff work with a custom harness. I'm looking for driveability and don't plan on engine mods any time soon. Any help, direction to info, or prayers for a successful swap would be greatly appreciated, especially in the wiring department. Thanks, ive learned a lot from you guys.

04/02/07, 09:00 AM
one of the vendors...maybe wild horses or BC...not sure...sells an adaptor that will allow you to run the 5.8 lower intake and a 5.0 upper intake so it will not be as can actually run it facing either way but it would most likely hit the brake MS....may actually gain about 2 hp with it

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04/02/07, 03:30 PM
5.8L Adapter is from BC Bronco's You can then use the car upper intake.

04/02/07, 05:52 PM
Are you sure it is a C6? I am trying to remember what year they phased those out. I thought it was earlier then '95. But I could be wrong.

If the transmission is heavily ribbed and the pan is about 20" long, and there are more eletrical connections then just the nuetral start and back up lights, then it isn't a C6, it is an E4OD.

04/02/07, 09:25 PM
The tranny is a c6 i think, last year maybe. Smooth case, two or three pin connector, the truck had no overdrive button. I;ve since put the motor on the stand and checked for oil leaks, plugs looked great. I;m wondering how much smog crap i can pull off if any and not hurt how the computer runs the motor. I'm thinking of swapping in the entire engine compartment loom, from the donor truck, this may make it harder or easier, i'll find out i guess. Mating to my bronc harness is going to be fun. Thanks for the info on the intake adapters, i have no body lift, would this setup clear my stock hood? Another question is how to run my fuel return line. I don't really wanna weld or braze on my fuel tank for safety reasons, maybe a t fitting in the supply line before the fuel pump? or into the filler neck? Any ideas would be considered, i'm flying solo on this fuel injection thing, but it will be so sweet!8-)