View Full Version : C-4 problem

03/30/07, 06:50 PM
Just had a C-4 rebuilt and I installed in my Bronc.good reputable shop,green stripe modulator,shifts real good,you have to half throttle it from a stop for it to start out in 1rst,otherwise it starts out in 2nd,shift points are good after that,I read all previous threads,and 2 guys said theres did the same thing for awhile then was ok,any coments on that?I was told the govenor was sticking and that C-4s are real tempermental sometimes after rebuild,has shift kit and new converter,A old veteran FORD trans.guy said to drive it for awhile.I know there are some real good tranny guys out there,how 'bout it guys.I only have about 25 miles on in so far.

03/30/07, 08:17 PM
I agree probably the governor, but drive it for a few days. Joe.