View Full Version : Which ignition switch wire

04/01/07, 09:47 AM
I'm installing a painless dual battery system on a 73. The instructions say to tie into the ignition switch wire which is hot when the key is in the on and start positions, but not hot when in the off and accessory position. Does anyone know which color wire I need to tie into?



04/01/07, 10:57 AM
tHE "I" POST on the starter solenoid is only hotwhen the ignition is ON. It isn't a full 12+ volts (it should be 6 to 9v) but it should be fine for tripping a relay. Of the two small posts on the 'noid, it's the one to the right.
If you have to have the full voltage, you can use green w/red wire that comes out of the regulator. I think the solenoid wire would be easier to use.