View Full Version : 302 vs. 351W Crankshaft Position

Tim D.
04/03/07, 10:21 AM
Hi guys,

If I use a 302 as a setup motor, can I expect a 351W to sit in the frame with the crank at the same height? The 351 is not yet built but I'd like to start fabbing crossmembers and whatnot for the drivetrain (NP435 w/NP203-NP205 Doubler). I don't want to find that after I get the 351W built and in that the drivetrain sits low or high and has to be tipped out of position to mate up.


04/03/07, 10:57 AM
The crank is in the same position, just the heads and front dress will be higher. (unless you use conversion brackets to keep the dress in 302 location)

Tim D.
04/03/07, 03:42 PM
Great. That's what I wanted to here.


04/03/07, 04:50 PM
I will also confirm. Below the heads (motor mounts, crank, timing cover) interchange between 302 and 351. I bet you could even bolt the 351 oil pan on the 302 block (with a gaping hole in the back) for mock up as well.