View Full Version : Power Steering now, Hydroboost later. Pump question?

04/05/07, 03:58 PM
Sorry, I've tried searching infinite posts to find the answer. If I buy the Saginaw dual return pump that everyone recommends for hydroboost. Can I use it just for power steering until I decide to tackle the hydro set up later. Does it have a couple of extra lines that would need to be plugged off for now? Sorry if this has been covered, but I couldn't find it.

04/05/07, 04:07 PM
Just cap off the extra return nipple with a rubber vacuum cap and hose clamp. Remove the cap later when you add the hydroboost return line.

04/05/07, 04:11 PM
Broncobowsher, Thanks for the quick response! I spent well over an hour trying to find out if that was possible.

04/05/07, 05:01 PM
Even if (for some reason) you don't/can't (or whatever) get a dual return pump, it's a super easy mod to add another return.

04/05/07, 09:21 PM
It is the pump that is the sag ....not the housing ....but one pump 2 housing ....
single return or dual return housing can change the housing or adapt the housing....My old sag pump had set in the bone yard for likely 10 years and still worked 1st time evertime with 1 finger steering ...great....
I have real trouble searching also ...Welcome aboard....

04/05/07, 09:45 PM
That's interesting, I was planning to go ahead and buy the NAPA pump for around $60. I may check a local boneyard first and see what turns up. I found a F-150 4x4 box and need to get the worm gear from a 4x2 box anyway. Thanks for the info!