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Originally Posted by yfz450sew View Post
I swapped a KP Dana 60 from a 91 F350 into my 96 F250 and like said it was a very easy bolt in swap. I also did the reverse shackle kit at the same time and I don't know why people say it rides better because it definitely does not .
I will never bother with reversing the shackles because it never made any sense to me why it would make one lick of ride difference..yr yet another who has confirmed that.

I'm getting ready tobolt a '90 D60 in to my '89 F-250..and its all because I'm sick and tired of the TTB wearng out tires and not being able to align it.

'69 retro Bronco. Supercharged MPFI 8BA 239 V-8, C-4/D-20. Hydroboost. 5" lift.
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