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Originally Posted by gravy View Post
I have also done many reverse shackle kits in these trucks and it does make them ride better- and my own 89 f250. By changing the geomotry to front to back movement of the shackle it allows it help obsorb the bumps as they hit the front side of the tires. In stock form it is constantly fighting against it self- the suspension is trying to cycle up and back slightly and the stock set up trys to move up and forward slightly. Ford changed it in 98 with the intro of the superduty. The shackle reversal also allows you to not have to run a track bar which is the way I ran my F250 on 44's. If you need any help with anything let me know. Dave
LOL..if the 6" front springs on my F-250 actually flexed more than a 1/2" max then I could maybe see that logic. But they don't.

Good point about not needing the track bar with the shackles in teh rear sure do need it when they are in front. That part I've proven to myself several times...

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