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Originally Posted by crackerrigged View Post
drew ,,,
can you text pics of 74 explorer stripes to me. if you have belt trim,,, then no stripes?

and thanks or calling me last week about the silver mink bench seat I found out there in Wyoming when we picked up that grabber blue 74. and Danielle n I will see you soon in townsend..........

john morgan

I believe the Explorer only has the stripe decals in 76 & 77. I do not recall ever seeing the decals with beltline chrome, but I suppose it could have been ordered that way. I've seen a couple Rangers with rocker trim which is not standard either. I'm not a real fan of that look however.

I think the Explorer stripes would look fine with beltline chrome, unlike Special Decor, which would interfere with it.

I do not have much in the way of pics on that kit. I'll see what I can dig up on my PC.

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