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Nice looking rig too by the way!
Just a comment on your steering setup. It looks like your tie-rod still needs to rotate up slightly.

It's hard to see with the stabilizer shock's mounting bracket in the way, but you can look while you're under there to see if the pivoting points of the upper and lower draglink ends are at the same working height as the eyes of the trackbar.
Looks like you have a slight amount of leeway in raising the lower draglink location to bring the two bars more into parallel, but it's hard to say for sure from the pics.

Either way though, bringing the angle of the lower draglink rod end up slightly would benefit steering feel.
In other words, loosen all six adjuster sleeve clamps and twist the tie-rod centerlink to get the zerk fitting pointing up more at the radiator than the bumper or facing forward. The proper angle as about 60 up.
This reduces the tendency of the tie-rod to "roll" while you're steering.


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