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Again you will get many differences of opinions on runner length etc. I try to design our systems based around actual useage, spend money where it does the most good etc. Worrying over exact length of runners etc. is merited however the difference in loss vs gain that you can actually notice and use are so minimal that it comes down to the spend and bottom line the look you are after. For me, I love the old school look of a big air cleaner and carb type setup so I migrate to the TBI systems for clean install and minimal visual impact. I'm sure the other systems work equally as well in an everyday use bronco. We are not blasting down a strip where we are trying to shave fractions of a second however we do want that seat of the pants dyno to be felt every time we mash the skinny pedal. Every step you take will have adverse effects somewhere else in the system. If you want that great lopey idle, you will sacrifice torque down low as well as smooth cruise quality, you have to figure on your end results that you will be happy with.

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