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Originally Posted by 73azbronco View Post
And a 20 year old setup with the problems of a 20 year old setup.

I've looked at 30 or so explorers in junkyards here in AZ. Not one of them would I use the wire harness, injectors, sensors, pulleys, MAF, etc.

They are brittle, cracked, chaffed, exposed. Injectors/connectors crack when pulled. MAFs are worn out. Sensors are corroded. Engine control units are poor shape at best.

So you basically have an intake, and need to buy thousands in parts to make it work. I'm sure there is the grandpa's low mileage survivor out there which is in good shape, but none in any junkyard I've seen. Heck, I would say less than 1 out of 10 front dresses are usable.
Well factor in the rust belt as having the same issues. I just don't see the point in buying a truck with 180K on it and swapping in all that high-mileage crap.

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