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69 ford bronco half cab
City: humble
Price: $7000

i have a 69 ford bronco that is the u14 half cab, it has the stock 302, doors and half top. I just had exhaust and full tune up done last week and took it out to a park and the transfer case and tranny messed up, wont come out of first gear and wont go into four wheel drive. it is at the tranny shop right now and the guy is telling me its going to be a full rebuild on both the tranny and t case. which he says is $2800. that is more then i wanted to spend so i am seeing what someone will offer me as is with out the transmission repair.
i just spent $2000 shipping it from wyoming to texas and having the exhaust and tune up done so im strapped for cash... i am trying to post some pics along with this post [IMG]bronco 1[/IMG] [IMG]bronco 2[/IMG] [IMG]bronco 3[/IMG]
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