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The Daily Duff 2/27/16

Suzy took over the family business of James Duff Inc. a little over 8 years ago. A lot of you know that story and know the business was moved from Sequim, Washington to Knoxville, Tennessee. In that process a lot of changes were made and it has been a roller coaster ride. All the while, Suzy never lost site of the customer. Making sure they are taken care of while doing her best to keep the high standards of product quality the Duffs are known for while trying to stay as competitive as possible with her pricing. She made a conscious decision with the move to focus more on what makes them different than the other Bronco parts houses, in house design and manufacturing versus just warehousing of parts. Also trying to keep the majority of Duff's products American made.

The James Duff of Sequim was much larger. Suzy knew what chaos it is to run a place that large required. This also went along with her decision to stick with what makes Duff different than the other guys. A much smaller team works very hard the moment they walk in the door. Many of them wear 2-3 hats juggling customers orders, calling vendors, trouble shooting and research and development. Suzy knew she needed an all star team to make the business run smooth. She has been pouring her heart and soul into this business and her only real personal time was going to all the Bronco events she could pack in. That's really what makes the long hours every week worthwhile. Visiting with Bronco people and wheeling is like hitting the reset button!

Last April, the stars aligned and Suzy not only found her a great partner to go wheeling with she found a guy that could run the production department, take point with R&D, build the prototypes, handle quality control and upgrade/maintain the Bronco fleet. Now Suzy's Team of Duffs is getting even more dialed in and we thought it would be a great opportunity to share with all our Bronco brothers and sisters everything cool and exciting at James Duff. We give you the Daily Duff.

Feel free to interject your thoughts and commentary as we share with you the people, Broncos and products of James Duff.

Many of you know Suzy and her parents, Suzy was born into the Bronco business and has a gift for style and design. She isn't just a figurehead or PR person, she's got experience. She can hang with the guys in that she can look at most anything in the shop or a Bronco part and tell you how it works where it's weaknesses and strengths are and tweak it in such a way so it's even better. We'll get into that more later.

Her mom and dad are retired but that hasn't stopped them from being part of Suzy's support team. Judy (Momma Duff) is amazing with the company computer system. She's mastered it over the years. It's quite common for her to come in a couple days a week and make sure the systems are running properly. Jim helps out anyway he can, bouncing ideas off him from R&D to running around town grabbing supplies to build parts or maintain the business. He's even got his own project he's working. No spoiler alert though.

Mike (not Monster Mike) and Bryan aka Beebo are our lead tech support and they also takes care of customer service/sales.

Daren is our purchasing agent. Not only is he in charge of ordering all the correct quantities of components and hardware he takes our prototypes and draws them up in cad then gives a life size drawing to make our templates with and to get our metal pieces laser cut. He is also our liaison with the machine shops, casting, powder coating and plating companies.

The warehouse which includes manufacturing, packaging and shipping is ran by Michael aka Monster Mike. He also in charge of quality control. He started in September of 2014. Since he's become a Duff team member he's also taken over R&D & prototyping. Michael is always in the middle of 4 new product launches and is excited to share them with all you guys when he gets a chance. He's also been busy going through everything on the shelves, selling off products and parts we no longer need and reorganizing so we're even more productive.

Tony and Mike (also not Monster Mike) are our weldors and parts builders. These two guys strive to be better everyday. They're both eager to work hard and lay a perfect weld down. They're also working with Monster Mike to ensure every part they build leaves with the highest quality. It's nice to have such positive guys working in the shop every day proud to produce products for us!

Between Suzy running the front side of the business and Michael running the backside they're really excited for 2016! They thought to each other, why keep this to ourselves we'd like everyone to see what's going on in the world of Duff.

We'll be using this thread to update you guys with news & product developments, hopefully on a pretty regular basis!

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