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Question School me on bellhousings, and clutch forks

Hey guys looks like I got to pull my trans due to a throwout bearing thats making noises

My current setupwith my nv3550 and Ford racing 5 liter uses the older style bail wire clutch fork. I know there is a clip style clutch fork, and I can buy one of them along twith the clip for it. which is what I may end up doing.

Though I also saw a totally different setup at a speed shop the other day. I think it was from a late model mustang, as it had a ford stamping on the bellhousing. This one had a ball style pivot on the clutch fork, on the right side of the bellhousing and looks like a lot better design.

So here are my questions
If I convert my bellhousing to a clip style clutch fork, what all is involved, and do the holes for the bracket for the wire type line up.

Also I am wondering if a later model F150 4x4 say from the late 80's with a 5 liter and a standard trans would have the other type of clutch fork, and if it will work with the stock bronco clutch linkage, or do I have to go with a haydrolic slave cylinder??

I have a feeling my issue is due to the wire type clutch fork, and thinking the clip type or a later model setup my solve my issues

any feedback is appreciated

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