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Ford Bronco Parts - Classic Vintage Early Bronco Parts

Bikini Top Rail

Tech article by admin and filed under - Soft & Bikini Tops, Body

Tech article by Jeff (t2jeff)

Dimension (A) should be .187″ to .200″ (I made this cut on a table saw with a carbide tipped blade. Use WD-40 or some type of wax to lube the blade and go slow to avoid kickbacks. You can also purchase a metal cutting blade.) To find dimension (B) place your aluminum extrusion on top of your windshield flush to the front edge. Transfer hole locations in the windshield frame on to the bottom of the extrusion.

Overall length of the extrusion is 56.5″ (Please check this by measuring your windshield frame. These numbers are off the top of my head and it’s been a while…)

Drill and tap holes from dimension (B) for a 1/4-20 thread. (D) Be careful not to strip aluminum during tapping or bolt installation. There is only 1/8″ wall there!

Cut ends of rail on 45 degree angles to fit corners of bikini top. You will need to pull and stretch this area when installing the top so be sure to debur the edges to avoid damaging the top. You will also need to buy some snaps from a hardware store. Cost me $.73 for two. My bikini top bought off eBay came with the female part of the snap already on, so I just needed to screw on the male snap part.

(E) is 1/4-20 x .75 bolts

(F) is the sewn in cord found on the front edge of bikini tops. After bolting on your rail, simply slide your top in making sure the cord is inside the rail.

(G) is the bikini top.

Mount bikini top straps to screwed in marine type surface clamps. Any mounting hardware will do. I painted mine black afterwards.

Tech article by Jeff (t2jeff)

Bronco Bikini Top Mount

Bikini Top Mount DimensionsBronco Bikini Top Install Bikini Top Rail Corner

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