Tech article by Taylor and Jim Morford (DownhillManiac99)

First you're going to need three things; the Smittybilt interior tube bar with the back legs out of the Bronco., 3 point bolt in harness style seat belts, I chose Corbeau's so I don't know if other kinds will work for this mod, and bucket seats with a hole in the back that allows shoulder harness belts to go thru. Like I said you MUST have the back legs of the roll bar out unless you want to grind and weld above your carpet and fender wells. Measure one foot from the bend to the location of the front of the 2 and half by 3 inch tabs.

Grind the area of the roll bar down will the tab is going to be welded and drill the correct size holes for the seat belts into the center of the tab. After you have grinded the roll bar down thru the paint and somewhat scratched up the middle, weld the tabs on vertically on the underside of the bar. (Safety Note: It's highly recommended that these welds be done by a skilled welder. Remember, the strength of this weld is critical in an accident.) At this point you can clean up the welds and paint the bar if desired.

Mount the roll bar into the car as the Smittybilt instructions say. Mount the seat belt in the stock floor holes (if applicable, the Corbeau's do but others may not). Then mount the rear bolt down into the tab using the bolt, a washer, then through the roll bar, then another washer, and finally an aviation lock nut for safety. *NOTE* This was done with Corbeau Baja bucket seats and Corbeau bolt in 3 point seat belts and a custom mod on the driver side bracket to move it back 4 inches. All measurements might have to be changed to meet the specs of your application.