Tech article written by Jim Price (luvmybronco)

This simple add on will make going to the Gas Station a little more pleasant...(Just a little, though)

1. Call your local Ford dealer, and tell them you want to order a Billit fuel door for a 2000 "Bullitt Mustang GT" (About 100 bucks) While your there, get some stainless steel bolts, nuts, and lock washers to replace the ones that come with it. Get them about 1" long. If your dealership doesn't have them, go to the nearest Hardware Store.

2. Next thing you need to do, is remove your original fuel hose, from the body, to the tank. (It makes it a lot easier to work behind the rear quarter).

Cutting the hole...​

3. O.K. now you need to make your old fuel hole bigger...I cut mine in the shape of an octagon, (so the fuel door won't spin or slide around). Use a piece of paper to make a template...Cut out from the outside of the bolt hole, to bolt hole. (Should look like a dot-to-dot line).

Since I have a new fiberglass tub, I didn't have to mount my Fuel Door higher on the rear quarter...You probably will have to mount yours higher than mine...Modifications to the metal filler hose will be necessary, cause it will hit the inner wheel tub...(Just use a Big Hammer to flatten down one side)
billet fuel door 01.gif

Spare Tire Carrier Cover...​

4. Go to your favorite salvage yard, you'll need to pick up a plastic spare tire cover. I don't know what mine came out of, cause it was laying on the ground, but you want something with a recessed center, so you can have your fuel filler hose recessed in from the body. I believe my cover came out of a station wagon. (cost about 10 bucks)

billet fuel door 02.gif

Cut out the center of the tire carrier...​

5. Take the plastic tire cover, and cut out the center bigger than the fuel door. Place it under the door, and mark, and drill the small bolt holes. (This is what you are going to bolt your new door to.) It will be sandwhiched between the body, and the Fuel Door. It might be better to wait till you have the Fuel Door, and Tire cover on the body before you drill the holes...

6. Cut out the center piece, (recessed area) so you can mount your filler hose to the center of the plastic piece...(You might want to drill a small hole at the bottom also, so spilled gas will drip out the back of the body, instead of the front, and all over your paint.

billet fuel door 03.gif

Fuel filler hose, Tire carrier, and Cap assembly...​

7. Mount your filler hose to the plastic piece, and slide it up the back side of the rear quarter.

8. You might need a friend for this. Have them hold the filler hose, and plastic, so you can line up the holes with your new door. Put the bolts through the door, body, and plastic, and put on your lock washers, and nuts...

9. Its a tight fit between the plastic, and the wheel well, but have a friend hold the nuts with a wrench, as you tighten the bolts on the door.

billet fuel door 04.gif

Open Door...​

10. Hook up your filler hose to the tank, and check for leaks.

billet fuel door 05.gif

Closed Door...​

11. Expect a lot of compliments....

Tech article written by Jim Price (luvmybronco)

Prices may vary in your area....