Tech article by Josh Wilczynski (kontinu)
The first thing I did to replace the clutch was remove the transmission and transfer case. I was already in the process of rebuilding both so they were already out of the truck. Otherwise i'm not sure how you would go about it?
The second step is to remove the clutch linkage off of the bellhousing. The picture shows where the bracket bolt is located just above the clutch fork.
Once the bracket and bolt is off take out the clutch adjusting rod off of the clutch fork. I just pulled the clutch fork a little and it falls out of where it's seated.
Now that the clutch linkage is out of the way the starter has to come out. Remove the wires off of the starter and then the two bolts holding it in. The top one is a little hard to reach so an extension helps out on the ratchet.
Next step is to remove the bellhousing. I think it was a total of 9 bolts. Once pulled off the pressure plate is not exposed.
Next step is to pull off the pressure plate. A total of 6 bolts. The clutch plate is behind that so that will fall out too.
On the bell housing you pulled off turn it over and attached to the clutch fork is the throw out bearing. Pull it off and slide on the new one.
With the clutch aligning tool they give you put the new clutch plate up there and slide the tool into place. Leave it there and bolt up the new pressure plate.

Once the pressure plate is bolted up you can pull out the aligning tool. I painted the bellhousing since it was out. Bolt it back up into place. I think there were 2 dowl pins to line it up where it should go. Bolt the starter back up and reattach all the clutch linkage. That should be about it.
Tech article by Josh Wilczynski (kontinu)