Tech article by Bronco-Brian

Transform your broken pivot base back to stronger support than OEM without using rivets. This job takes about 10-minutes once the window is free from the outer housing.

IMPORTANT: Before starting- protect all glass using heavy paper or cardboard so no sparks or weld debris (berries) reach the glass! Wrap the glass and tape it all down tight. Do not remove glass from its steel frame.

1) Cut out riveted section of broken pivot with cut-off wheel and remove whatever is left of the old pivot.

2) Weld extension tab onto original pivot stud using 12 gage sheet steel (.105 in). Tab must be parallel to flats on stud. Length is 1 in long x 3/16 in wide. Maintain same height dimension as old stud.

3) Slip repaired pivot end into slot. Be aware of the stud angle (refer to known good vent, or set angle towards the corner at 5 to 7deg off horizontal and parallel to glass plane. Center the stud in the oval hole, and pull outward for tab to contact the inside of the glass frame.

4) Tack weld and check alignment – bend as required into proper position.

5) Weld tab secure with 4 to 5 good spot welds (one at a time) and take wet towel to cool part immediately after stopping the arc. Use MIG .025 or .030 wire. No need to fill-in weld completely!

6) Apply body filler once cooled and dry, sand and paint.

7) This joint is much stronger than original rivets and much easier to install. Proper painting ensures another 40-years of trouble-free life.
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