Tech article by Chris (taipeichris)

For numerous reasons I broke motor mounts in the past, usually I’d find out when I’d hit a bump in the road and the motor jumps up enough to hit the hood. Not cool, right?

Parts and Supplies Needed:
QuantityParts DescriptionCost
1carriage bolt$0.30
1lock nut$0.20
1rubber bump stop$0.50
Tools Required
1socket set
1drill press
1drill bits
1floor jack
1block of wood
So here’s my fix.

Remove your broken motor mount.

Drill a hole through it, the size depends on your carriage bolt.

Insert a carriage bolt through it with the smooth side up.

Using a rubber bump stop for a dampener, I drilled a hole through the dampener and fastened it with a washer and lock nut.

Grind the head of the carriage bolt flat, just enough to allow clearance.

Reinstall you repaired motor mount and enjoy!