Tech article by Scott Hagler (glass76)

To make things much easier first go the website of the Lonestar Early Bronco Club. Go to TECH, INFORMATION, KOENIG WINCH INFO. Print off a copy of the PTO EXPLODED VIEW. I will refer to and give you a cross reference of some of the numbers on this exploded view of the pto.

Before beginning disassembly have a notepad and camera available to make notes and take pics of the entire process.

My PTO I have photos of is different than the page you printed off of the Lonestar site. The photos are of a PTO with a front and rear output shaft. The only difference is that the out put shaft is longer, and in place of the rear bearing cap #65-8, mine uses a bearing cap with a seal in it just like the front output shaft has,#65-10 with seal # 65-18.

New parts needed are:
  • bearings (cones & cups) 2 each Timken #LM67048 & #LM67010 (replaces Koenig #65-17).
  • Needle bearings ( qty.2) Timken #B1416 (replaces #65-16).
  • Oil seal (qty.1) CR #6315 (replaces #R35)
  • Oil seal (qty.1) CR #12336 (replaces #65-18)
  • O-ring (qty. 2) Motion Ind. #00619831 (replaces #65-19)
  • New parts were purchased at Motion Industries.
Begin by removing the old gasket that was between the pto and transfer case. Remove allen set screw #65-26. With a brass drift punch tap input shaft out of case. The two washers may fall into the case, these can be retrieved later. Set aside all the parts that were on the shaft. Remove detent plug, spring and ball. Remove shifter yoke from shifter shaft and take shaft out of case. Take bearing caps off of output shaft. Remove bearings from case then remove the split lock ring from the shaft. Tap output shaft shaft through gear and out of case. Remove any parts from case that may have fallen in.

Degrease and clean all parts, let dry and wipe with clean cloth.

At this point you may want to paint or coat the case. I used the POR 15 system. Marine clean ,metal ready and their Silver paint. Clean machined surfaces of paint at seal openings, bearing bores and input shaft bore. Remove needle bearings from input tube. I used a deep well socket that was slightly smaller OD than the new needle bearings and pressed the old bearings out of the tube.
Note: Put a light coat of oil on all bearings before pressing into place.

To begin assembly:
1) install new seals into bores at shifter shaft and bearing cap.

2) Press bearing cup in case at front output shaft bore.

3) Seat bearing cup to correct depth by installing bearing cap, tighten bolts sequentially.

4) Remove the bearing cap and bolts.
5) Place bearing cone into case and into bearing cup.
6) Carefully set output gear into case.
7) Install two piece lock ring onto output shaft.
8.) If large woodruff key came out of shaft replace it now.
9) From back side of case install output shaft through opening with 7/8" diameter end of shaft into case and through gear lining up key and keyway and centering through bearing on front side of case.

10) With case on its front side and supported around bearing opening center shaft in bearing and tap in place with hard rubber hammer.

11) Slide spacer onto output shaft.
12) Place rear bearing onto shaft, install cup on bearing, tap in place.
13) Seat rear bearing in place as in step #3.
14) Lightly coat the bore of the shifter shaft oil seal and carefully slide in shifter shaft approx. 2".
15) Place shifter yoke in case and slide shifter shaft through yoke.

16) Rotate shifter shaft so that the small groove will be in line with the detent plug ,spring and ball.
17) Place bolt with lockwasher through shifter yoke and tighten into tapped hole in shaft.

18) Insert spring into detent plug, place ball on top of spring, hold the case so you can thread the detent plug assembly into the case.

19) Test shifter shaft operation, you should be able to feel positive stops at the engaged and disengaged positions.
20) Press both needle bearings into input tube.
21) Place input tube into sliding gear with key and keyway lined up.

22) Set sliding gear and tube onto shifter yoke.
23) Place an o-ring on the front end of the input shaft.(rear of the input shaft has the groove for the setscrew to index into, inboard of the o-ring groove).

24) Start rear of input shaft into bore, just before end of shaft enters case cavity place one washer inside case lined up with bore, push shaft through washer and into input tube.
25) Place the other washer at the rear of the input tube, between input tube and case, continue to push shaft through washer and into rear bore. Shaft will stop when o-ring touches front bore.

26) Tap front of shaft through bore just enough to expose o-ring groove on rear of shaft.
27) Place o-ring into rear groove and tap shaft back into bore. Center shaft in front and rear bores. Install setscrew into case to lock input shaft in place.

28) Using PERMATEX ULTRA-BLACK RTV SILICONE GASKET MAKER use on bearing caps instead of gaskets. Follow directions on package.

29) Install bearing caps.

30) PTO is ready to be installed on transfer case.