Tech article by cracker
This is a very inexpensive way to wire in the winch into the cab of your vehicle. This article is based on the newer Warn winches that have 4 solenoids under the cover of the original remote black box. You will need to run four wires into the cab for the remote to work properly. I used a wire bundle that has 5 wires in it. The wire bundle is from the hardware store and it is for the thermostat in your home. Also, you will need a spring loaded switch, that returns to neutral when you let go of it. I picked up an electric antenna switch from a Lincoln while I was in the bone yard. Finally, I used a simple on/off switch to activate the antenna switch, so that I didn’t accidentally hit the winch switch climbing in or out of the EB. I have less than $5 in the whole setup, since I already had the on/off switch. You will need to find a place on the dash or as in my case, the rollcage to mount your switch(s).Wiring colors:White - 12 volt Green - winch out
Brown - Ground Blue - winch in
Looking at the picture of the solenoids, you will only be using the bottom two solenoids. The left lower solenoid has two wires; a white 12v hot wire and a green remote out wire. The right lower solenoid has the brown ground wire on top and the blue remote in wire on the bottom. You can see where the brown wire goes by finding the red insulator cover on the top of the right lower solenoid. I ran these into the cab and to the back of the switches.
The Brown (to white) wire, I hooked to the on/off switch and to ground, the 12v (yellow/white), the Remote Out (green to gr/yellow) and the Remote In (blue to red) went the antenna switch. (I had already hooked the wires to the solenoids and ran the wires into the cab, before realizing the colors I had to work with on the switches. Hence, the odd color match-ups) The on/off switch just grounds out the solenoids when flipped on. I also saved the plug from the car, as you can see it on the back of the switch. It is very straight forward to wire the winch up this way. If you don’t want the add a second “excitor” switch, you can simply ground the brown wire to the body/frame somewhere.
A very inexpensive and time saving way to use your remote in a “sticky” situation!! I have also left the original plug/switch attached, in case I need to use the remote way from the Bronco.
Dave “CRACKER” Pool