Tech article by Keola Ford (Bronc)

Parts Needed:
  • Stock Hinges
  • New Hing Pins (only if needed)
Special Tools Required:
  • Cut-off Wheel(s)
  • Grinder
I did this modification so that I could make my bronco even more convertible. The mechanics of this lift-off hinge is simple. If you have done, or are familiar with the glove-box sliding door mod, it's basically the same thing. One of the ears of the double-eared hinge plate is cut off allowing the pivoting door hinge plate to slide off and on the hinge pin. Begin by removing your doors and removing the four hinges from the doors. You could almost do this modification on the bronco, but because the cap of the hinge pins are on top, you have to move the driver-side door hinges to the passenger side and vice versa.

There's no turning back, lock your hinge in a vise, and cut away! I used my trusty Dremel w/ a cut-off wheel. Have a bunch of spare cut-off wheels handy, unless you have a strong one. Cut off what was previously the lower ear of the double-eared hinge plate. This is the "ear" with the pointed end of the hinge pin sticking out.

After you've cut all the way through, you should be able to slide and spin the ear off using a vise-grip. I had no problem, but you may need to grind the point of the hinge pin flush to get it off. Your hinge pin may also be sheared, in which case you may need to drill out the old pin. You can get new pins from JBG for $4.00.

The pivoting hinge plate should now be able to slide off the pin. Slide it back on and cut the pin about flush.

The final step is to clean up your cutting work with a grinder and chamfer the pin a little to help guide the door on. Sandblast, paint, or do what you will to finish it up, and grease the hinges.

If you kept track, reinstall the hinges on the opposite side doors and posts, or so that the point of the pins are pointing up. Line up your doors and tighten up the bolts and your done.

Note: More stress will be put on the hinges with this set-up than stock. So if your old pins are looking weak get some new ones. If there's a lot of play in your hinges, you may also want to install new bronze bushings.

doorhinge1.jpg doorhinge2.jpg doorhinge3.jpg doorhinge4.jpg doorhinge5.jpg doorhinge6.jpg doorhinge7.jpg doorhinge8.jpg doorhinge9.jpg doorhinge10.jpg