Tech article by Tim Bowsher (Broncobowsher)

One of the hardest parts of installing the Chevy brake conversion is routing the brake lines. Trying to get the hose to route in a way that doesn't bind or get caught up in moving parts can be a real pain. After a visit to Randy at Driven Auto parts I was encouraged to let everyone know how I did my brake lines.A small order with Speedway Motors (402) 323-3200 got me most of the parts I needed.
  • 910-318443 18" braided brake line straight ends in –3 Quanity 2
  • 617-3513 crush washers 5 pack Quanity 1 pack
  • 617-4049 GM –3 banjo fittings Quanity 2
  • 617-4129 3/8-24 Inverted flare female to –3 Quanity 1 pair
A couple 3/8 and 1/4 bolts and a couple of line clamps.The following pictures show the installation with the axle removed from the truck. Not shown is the spring pads that bolt the radius arms. The line runs between the axle tube and the spring pad.

A short 3/8 bolt was drilled and tapped for 1/4” bolt. The 3/8 bolt is threaded into an existing hole in the knuckle. A 1/4” bolt secures the braided line with a rubber lined line clamp.


Clamp keeps line out of ball joints

Left Turn

Right Turn