Tech article by Bayard Crump (bcrump5252)

Well let me start off by saying that this was a process. I don't have a lot of money like most people so dropping $600 or more for a bed liner was just not happening. So I did an internet search for spray on liners and this is what I foun; Line-X, Rhino Liner, Dupli-liner, and numerous sites that have their own brand of some sort of bed liner. Most however only installed these liners and did not sell supplies to do it yourself.

I then went to Napa and found Dupli-Color bed liner. The sales people at Napa said that Dupli-Color sold very well and they had received good feedback. Obviously I then went home and did an Internet search on this product and what I found was favorable. So I decided what the hell I'd try it.

First things first - I needed to strip my interior starting with:
a. Seats
b. Carpet
c. Some sort of sticky heat shield
d. Dash and other components

I did this because I wanted to spray from the top of the kicker panels all the way to the back tailgate, as well as the inner fender areas, I also wanted to put in a new wiring harness (Centech) Don't get me started with that. It's another matter all together. Next time I'll go with Painless.

Prep prep prep work -  This was my first experience doing anything like this and my mother who paints everything and really is like Martha Stuart LOL told me that prep work is the most important step when painting anything.
a. The first thing I did was buy a wire brush for my grinder, and I ground the glue and paint and grud off of everything. The most important part of this is to be careful not to stay in one area to long or you might grind through the metal. It depends what condition your floors are in.
b. Next thing I did was to sand blast the whole interior. I don't recommend this. I'm still finding sand everywhere! LOL. I didn't see this much sand in Iraq.
c. Once that was done I cleaned everything with a metal cleaner, which you can buy at any auto parts store.

Taping - OK, here comes your most important part of the prep work if your truck (like mine) has not been painted yet. This is taping the areas off that you don't want to spray.
a. I taped off the windshield so I could spray that lip on top of the windshield. I also taped off the top so I could do the rails on both sides, both on the truck and on the top itself.
b. Next I taped off the rocker panels. I decided to spray the inner doorsill and entire area inside the door area.
c. Next I taped off the tailgate area. This is one area that after I sprayed the tailgate, the bottom lip of the tailgate and the back of the floor area where the tailgate closes meet will grind on each other. Now there is a weather strip piece that goes here but I have not installed my weather stripping yet so that might be the problem.

Spraying - OK, in my opinion all the prep work is now done. It's now on to the fun stuff; actually spraying the product.
a. Let me start off by talking about supplies.
i. Spray gun = $43 @ nappa
ii. Dupli-Color = $54
iii. Dupli-Color spray can = $9
iv. Dupli-Color pint = $25
b. I followed the instructions on the can of bed coatings as stated. This was my first experience with this. So I started at the front of my truck and worked my way back. I wanted to spray this on thick, so I bought 2 cans of this stuff and almost didn't have enough, so just be aware of that. You can do this with 1 large can and 1 small can, in my opinion. But again I wanted it to be thick. I believe the can stated hold the gun at first 10 or more inches away to lay your first coat.
i. Again, you need to go slow slow slow. If you go too fast then it comes out too thin. Slow and steady.
ii. Once it was sprayed I let it sit for 2 hrs longer than the directions said and then applied my second coat. This is where I now held the spray gun approximately 5-7 inches and sprayed it on thick..

Conclusion -  I think it came out great. I only had a few areas that need to be re-sprayed. But all in all I was extremely impressed with this. I think that what this did for the interior appearance of my truck was unbelievable. It looks like a knew truck inside.

Special notes -
a. Unlike rhino liner, this liner will not rub off on your skin. Every time I touch my friends liner I turn black.
b. It does help some with the heat factor.
c. It does not absorb water at all LOL, I can say that without weather stripping there was some water that puddle up on my floor and stayed there for a few days until I wiped it up.
d. I did drill holes in the floor and installed jeep drain plugs after that.

Tech article by Bayard Crump (bcrump5252)