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Recent content by 69Sport

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    Can our Bronco Addiction cure an illness? UPDATE!

    Best Wishes Mark, hang in there brother and thanks for all the help in the past from you and the others at Wildhorses. 69sport
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    Tamiya RC body

    Bronco Body Hey Mad could you post some specs on the body, just some basics. Like length, width and wheel base. I got a new Summit from Traxxas and I am trying to see if it would even come close to fitting. Thanks 69sport
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    GIVEAWAY CB.com Giveaway! - 5 sets of Bronco beer glasses from MEB - Ends 4/15/09

    Beer Glasses Please count me in, they look great. Thanks 69sport
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    08' F250/350 FX4 Gray fender Flares OEM

    shipping Where are you located, I will have to check on packing them up and how much it would cost to ship. They don't weigh very much but they are tall and wide. I can get a price and see if you are interested. 69sport
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    08' F250/350 FX4 Gray fender Flares OEM

    I have a set of FX4 fender flares that I bought to put on my super duty and never did. They were taken off a new 08 350 on the lot to put on a after market set. They are the smoke gray color. Really great shape. All you need is a few screws and some two sided body tape and you can have the...
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    Awesome RC Bronco

    Rc Bronco Has any one been keeping up on the new Traxxas Summit coming out at the end of the month. High and low gears, locking diffs from the controller, working LED lights and simulated beadlocks. Just add a Bronco body and it will be awesome. It will be a hard decision between the Tamiya...
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    GIVEAWAY CB.com Giveaway! - 10 "Alpha Bronco" t-shirts from Alpha Bronco - Ends 12/17/08

    t-shirt Count me in, thanks for the offer. 69sport
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    GIVEAWAY CB.com Giveaway! - CB.com logo beer mugs from Artistic Engraving - Ends 11/30

    Beer Mugs These look great, count me in. Thanks 69sport
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    Mo Bronco Run Hey Ben ya the red 69 is mine and thanks for the compliment. I was glad that I was finally off work for an event. The turn out was great and it was really cool seeing a line of EB's running those back roads. Good job to all who took pics and posted them. Nice to have met...
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    Bronco run Hey Ghost66 are you going to make it, if so where are you planing on jumping in line. Maybe finally we will get to see each others rigs. Looking forward to it. Brett
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    Bronco Run That sounds good, I will be at the commuter lot between 8:30 and 9:00. Brett
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    Bronco Run Hey Steve do you guys have a spot picked out at 94/40 to meet on Sat morning. I am really trying hard to make it. It may be a little cold with no top or doors but thats half the fun. After the comments about broncos that are to nice for trails in St. Louis I just have to show up...
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    What size carb?

    470 Ta I have a 470 TA on my well built 302 and it runs great. I went back and fourth between it and the next step up. All the motor guys told me to stay with the 470 and it paid off. Thanks 69sport
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    Bronco's and Wine

    Fall Run Hey Ghost I would be in for a Wine run, I don't drink it but the wife would love it. I still want to get together with the Mo boys and show off my rig for the first time. I just recently found out that my plans for OCBR have fallen through so we need to get out and do somthing. 69sport
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    GIVEAWAY CB.com Giveaway! - West Coast Broncos JP Cooler! - Ends 5/16/08

    Cooler Please sign me up, looks like a great product. Thanks 69sport