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Recent content by 77TexasBronc

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    Overhaulin Bronco

    Here you go. http://www.fordcobraengines.com/Truckpackages.htm
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    How much to powdercoat and blast?

    I paid $300.00 for the frame to be blasted and powdercoated. If I was to do it again, I would go with a good epoxy paint. easier to repair or touch up when needed or you make mod changes to your frame.
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    My 77's restoration....pics inside!!

    I had the same issue with mine as the gap on the pass. side tailgate was big enough to stick your fingers in. I determined that the quarter panel had been pushed out over the years of stress from the spare tire rack and that the brace under the tub supporting this was bent. I remove the brace...
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    Parking Brake Question

    Does anyone have the older style setup they would like to part with for a fair price? I am mainly needing the reduction lever with the adjuster and spring that is located under the floorboard driver side. I dont need the inside foot lever part or cables.
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    Parking Brake Question

    Thanks for the reply 72Sport. Oops…I just realized in my hast to get this thread posted today at work, :-X I forgot to mention a very pertinent detail. I no longer have the 77 rear drum brakes; I am now running the BC disk setup. The disk brake setup doesn’t have a lot of play before the pads...
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    Parking Brake Question

    The earlier model Broncos E-brake setup has a reduction lever with the adjuster located under the floor board driver side area however my 77 has a straight thru adjuster without the reduction lever. I am wondering why this is different and was the reduction built in the foot lever mechanism for...
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    1971 Bronco Build - Catch Up

    Very nice Dont know how I have missed this thread for so long. Awesome job man! Very nice work, and great to see the wife lending a hand. I quit asking my little darling for help as all I would ever get was the one finger solute..I must be number one in her book......;D
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    Potential Independent4x Braided ARB Lines Mass Buy

    Interested, depending on the price.
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    Look what my father-in-law has done

    Very nice, he did an awesome job....
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    What parts cant you find for your bronco? what do you want built?

    I found one out of a 49 caddy that I am in the process of installing now. It just seems that this would have been such a great mod that one of the Bronco house would already be marketing these.
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    What parts cant you find for your bronco? what do you want built?

    A straight pull type emergency brake handle that mounts under the dash below the key switch. This will eliminate the original E-brake/roll cage interference problems and also free up the kick panel which would be the perfect place for a large fuse panel. I also like the idea of the billet...
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    2008 EB Calendars ??

    Got mine in the mail last Friday. AWESOME 8-) Since everyone that dropped by over the weekend wanted mine, I am certian these would make a great stocking stuffer as well!
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    Finish it or buy another

    Finish it. If you get another one for a DD then it just takes up more time and money tinkering on it instead of the main project. Its hard to stay motivated if more projects start piling up. Good luck with your choice....
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    New Paint

    Dig that color as well....sweeeeeeeet
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    My famous CA Bronco_kinda

    There was a link posted on here a few years back of a video of this bronco ( or one very simular) making that jump.. It was crazy and was not a pretty landing. If I rember right it blew both front tires on impact.