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Recent content by bbow

  1. bbow

    AL Al

    It makes me sick. Guy said he had been looking for one for years. I would have rather someone who actually wanted it to get it. I was fair with the price. I knew the issues it had. This guys got more money than sense. Owns a big trucking company. It just seems to be the problem in the Bronco...
  2. bbow

    AL Spartan Locker for Ford 9 Inch

    New (open Box) Spartan SLFP-28-31 Locker
  3. bbow

    AL Al

    Only trail doors with Roadster Inserts
  4. bbow

    AL Al

    Spoken from experience? Glad to see your still alive.
  5. bbow

    AL Al

    (SOLD) Getting ready to list the Bronco. Hate to sell it but life happens. 1976 302 (needs a refresh) Ford 9 inch open rear ( I will include a Spartan Locker uninstalled) Dana 44 Front with Spartan locker C4 - Newly rebuilt Dana 20 - Newly Rebuilt Twin Sticks Front disk brakes / rear drums/...
  6. bbow

    2018 SOWEGA trail ride.

    I’m betting Hurricane Michael laid some MORE trees on the trails. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. bbow

    Holley Sniper Giveaway!

    Wild Horses with Horse heads, Duffs with Dinosaurs, what is going on the Marketing world.
  8. bbow

    C4 running temp

    The highest I have seen my trans temp go was this weekend at Cades Cove Ride. Engine Temp was about 210 and Trans Temp was 170. Deep sump pan with sensor in pan and trans cooler in front of radiator.
  9. bbow

    Super Celebration 2018 photos ...

    The Bronco family. Willing to take care of any and all things.
  10. bbow

    Super Celebration 2018 photos ...

    Whats the story on the 78-79 full size with the Summit logo? I never got to see it up close.
  11. bbow

    TN Super Celebration Parts Thread

    Leaving tomorrow bringing this stuff from my ‘76. Wiper arms (pair) $45.00 Wiper motor bracket $25.00 Jeep Mirrors $20.00 4” drop Pittman ( drilled for 1 ton tie rod) $30.00 Tail light buckets ( pair) $35.00 Tailgate latches (pair) $40.00 Steering stabilizer bracket (free) Dura Spark module...
  12. bbow

    OH 1971 Runs and Drives

    Design Engineers vision? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. bbow

    AL Wild Horses Wind Jammer

    I'm looking for a Wild Horses Wind Jammer. Apparently they do not offer them anymore. Attaches to the roll cage behind front seats.
  14. bbow

    T shirt available at Hibbett Sports

    They have some sizes on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Coastal-Waters-Bronco-Pocket-Tshirt/dp/B0784CY9YR/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1522758773&sr=8-3&keywords=coastal+waters+shirts but not in the Coral. I went direct to the Coastal Waters Web site and ordered mine. Same price with $1.00 shipping...
  15. bbow

    T shirt available at Hibbett Sports

    Sold out online. Will try my local store Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk