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Recent content by blubuckaroo

  1. blubuckaroo

    New Water Pump and Timing Cover, where to RTV?

    I like to just dampen the gasket with RTV. Make sure first that the machined surfaces are in good shape and cleaned with brake clean. For the bolts, I use Permatex #2. It's non hardening, and seals really well.
  2. blubuckaroo

    Spray or not to spray?

    The use of bedliner to the interior should depend on your use. If you plan to use it in mud or sand and will be hosing it out, then yes, line it. But, if you plan on putting in carpet or vinyl flooring with insulation, you would be wasting your money. Also, bedlining the interior is the biggest...
  3. blubuckaroo

    First time your baby went to “someone else”

    I got blasted once for this comment. If you can't work on it, you shouldn't own it. I truly mean it! You may have enough money to pay for support, but how does that make you feel?
  4. blubuckaroo

    Bilstein shocks

    Probably. Actually, all my shocks get painted black anyway. I don't care for colors or advertising with my vehicles.
  5. blubuckaroo

    what is best air cleaner for Holley EFI

    NOOO! Like I said... the big triangle. If you put it on backward, it clears the big Duraspark cap, the throttle linkage, and the Edelbrock intake fitting. https://www.edelbrock.com/pro-flo-chrome-triangular-air-cleaner-with-2-5-cotton-element-1222.html
  6. blubuckaroo

    First time your baby went to “someone else”

    I'd like to see more about this. I've been doing all my own welding, and I can weld pretty well. One question to you... Do you expand your tubes and fit them before welding, or do you butt weld the tubes?
  7. blubuckaroo

    What gear ratio for street

    If you want to run tires in the 29"-31" size, and want to keep the three speed auto or manual transmission, 3.70 or 3.89 gears would probably be more appropriate to keep a factory RPM. Here's a good gear ratio/ tire size calculator that covers all the gear ranges rather than just high gear...
  8. blubuckaroo

    what is best air cleaner for Holley EFI

    I like the big Edelbrock triangle air cleaner. If you flip it around backwards, it clears a Duraspark cap, the throttle linkage, and the crazy Edelbrock carb fuel inlet. It fits in the Bronco, and looks cool too.
  9. blubuckaroo

    First time your baby went to “someone else”

    My experience with others working on my cars hasn't been good. I've found evidence of joy rides in my Z-28, had a cross threaded oil plug on my Bronco, and a couple of terrible brake jobs. When I was just out of high school, I worked at a garage as a brake mechanic and also worked the lube...
  10. blubuckaroo

    Is EFI worth it?

    I'd avoid any of the throttle body EFIs that use an integrated ECU. Too many have had heat related issues. Why did they decide to put electronics into that hot spot? I'm putting in an Edelbrock ProFlo 4. The ECU isn't in there and can be put wherever you want. Even in the passenger...
  11. blubuckaroo

    Does' fuel tank selector valve just quit working?

    If you use an air hose in the fuel filler neck, sealed with a shop rag, you can find most leaks between the tank and pump.
  12. blubuckaroo

    C4 Tranny Stall RPM

    Yes. It's all where that torque band is. My '77 302 had its maximum torque at 1800 RPM. That max torque RPM changes dramatically with different cam, carb, and heads. Also, getting an engine with a performance cam and heads to idle at 600 RPM can be difficult.
  13. blubuckaroo

    Im not waving at new Broncos, anymore.

    I've found there's a difference between the owners of the two door and four door models. The four door drivers appear to be station wagon/minivan oriented, and the two door owners more the off-road type. I do think Ford did a great job with the two-door. It's a very good replica of our vintage...
  14. blubuckaroo

    Air/Fuel Gauges options for an engine with a carburetor

    I bought an Innovate Motorsports wideband air/fuel gauge, and mad it portable, so I could use it in my other vehicles. I mounted the gauge on a board, and for power, it just plugs into the cigar lighter. When you're done tuning, you just disconnect it, and put a plug into the O2 sensor bung. I...
  15. blubuckaroo

    When is too little not enough?

    daddycreswell... You need to drive it. Ours has over 300K miles on it, and from what I can tell, high mileage has nothing to do with value on these. I figure that if I put a lot of miles on it, I lose nothing. On the other hand, if I put all those miles on my new pickup, I lose a lot. So, if...