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Recent content by BradinEDH

  1. BradinEDH

    Duffy's 77 Build Thread- Restomod, daily, re-uncut

    No real issues. I wanted it up high and out of the way. It is a bit loud but I do not run it too often. For the rear locker and airing up the tires. Access to the back was through the top vent hole.
  2. BradinEDH

    Duffy's 77 Build Thread- Restomod, daily, re-uncut

    I went with the old bracket and sourced the pivot arm on eBay. With 351W it fits better angled for me. Sourced lines from WH. Then on budget, used astro van HB. Works great. You will love the braking power!
  3. BradinEDH

    New Bronco T-Shirt available at Pendleton

    I picked up a cool T-Shirt from Pendleton. Looks like they are still available. Here is the link: https://www.pendleton-usa.com/product/mens-off-road-trails-graphic-tee/50054.html?dwvar_50054_color=74152&dwvar_50054_fit=REGULAR&cgid=M130#start=1&cgid=M130
  4. BradinEDH

    16" factory option Bronco steel wheels and tire options

    I have the same Cragar soft 8 16x7 wheels with 4" backspacing. Tires are 255/85/R16 KM3s. 3.5" lift and 1" body lift.
  5. BradinEDH

    IA 1968 Bronco FS BAT

    3 1/2" suspension with 1" body lift. Yes 33"x10" tires. Thanks!
  6. BradinEDH

    IA 1968 Bronco FS BAT

    My 68 U15 is only a few down the assembly line from yours. U15NLD20633. It was delivered to Livermore CA. Good Luck with the sale.
  7. BradinEDH

    33x9.5x15 or 33x10.5x15 setup pics

    1968 U15 with 351W, NV3550. Here is mine with 285/85r16, 33x10.5. It has a 3.5 suspension and 1" body lift. Drives great, just a bit more sensitive than my old setup with 32x11.5.
  8. BradinEDH

    The Eternity Build

    You are so close to the finish line. Can not wait to see it running. It has been an adventure for you for sure.
  9. BradinEDH

    CA Rear Liftgate

    I have one with glass. You can have it if you want to pick it up. It is in decent shape. Brad
  10. BradinEDH

    DE 13.5 inch Fuel sending unit for 23 gallon rear tanks - New option

    I installed the new sender in my 23 gallon Sherman tank Older style. Filled it up and the gauge read up past full. Drove 100 miles and it went down to just off of E. I filled it back up to see what was really in there and it topped off at 13 gallons. So I think there was about 10 gallons left at...
  11. BradinEDH

    Modifying factory air cleaner question for sniper

    Yes you can. I cut the rivet off and the vacuum modulator came off. Used a small cold chisel to get out the flapper and welded the holes closed with some flat sheet material. Plugged the other holes on the air cleaner housing just in case I want to run the breather in there.
  12. BradinEDH

    Modifying factory air cleaner question for sniper

    I did this last week. Found a Ford snorkel at the junk yard and modified it to breathe. Will hook up the fresh air hose next.
  13. BradinEDH

    ARB setup

    I run the compressor. Works great. I love the ARB in the rear end, going from an old style Detroit Locker that was unpredictably adventurous on the road. Best of both worlds. Compressor is mounted on driverside firewall and switched under the dash.
  14. BradinEDH

    Too Much Green?

    Awesome rig! I always like the contrasting grill. Silver with green in the chrome letter will look great. Brings it back to the 70's where it belongs. I went Wimbledon white and matched the letters to the Harbour Blue for my 68 and love it.
  15. BradinEDH

    It's Luber time so show off your uncut Bronco

    Here is my 1968 U15. Bought new in Livermore, CA.