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Recent content by bsquared

  1. bsquared

    1996 explorer MAF to filter

    Hi Widowmaker, I think I got the 3" tube and clamps from Spectre Performance, but I don't recall where I got the silicone 3" 60 deg elbow and 3" adapter at the MAF from. Google'd them and a lot of choices come up at Amazon. I forget the exact size of the MAF and throttle body openings, but I...
  2. bsquared

    1996 explorer MAF to filter

    I pulled an airbox out of a 2001 Explorer while dumpster diving at the junkyard and repurposed it to be a cold air intake on the passenger side. It did require a battery relocation to the driver side, which was a bit of a PITA.
  3. bsquared

    1996 explorer drop in as is?

    Garry was booked 6 months out when I did my 96 swap, so I went after the harness myself. (the wire strippers in Garry's tool video are from the company I work for) I can add a few things that might help. I made a PDF of the C115 connector wires detailing what to delete, what to keep and which...
  4. bsquared

    Explorer OBD2 Harness Re-work

    Garry Vance is at: theefiguy@gmail.com
  5. bsquared

    Inline 6 to V8 conversion | How do I fit my new radiator?

    When I did my swap to the 96 Explorer, I took the original I-6 radiator mounts and ripped them with a cutoff wheel vertically. Then flipped them and used 4 spacers to get the correct width for my new radiator. I went with a 69 Mustang radiator from Champion that kept the mounts along the sides...
  6. bsquared

    Explorer OBD2 Harness Re-work

    Hi Betz, I fused my PCM at 30 amp, fuel pump at 20 amp, Ign Coils at 25 amp and the O2 Heaters at 15 amp. I ran #4 AWG to the fuse box because I had the wire and lugs for it. It has a 175 amp Bussman megafuse between it and the battery / alternator buss. I really should reduce that megafuse...
  7. bsquared

    Explorer OBD2 Harness Re-work

    Hi Chuzie, I do not have any wiring diagrams for those years specifically, but I did download a PCM pin diagram that someone had put on the site. It helped me when I was doing my harness. I can also add the sheet I made detailing Garry's description of the C115 connector wires and which ones...
  8. bsquared

    explorer swap questions

    Here's my setup. The attached might help you when redoing the engine harness. I made it from EFI Guy's videos. I would HIGHLY recommend the Bussmann 15303-2 fuse / relay block. I made my first one from a standard box and did not do a good job on the jumpers. This Bussmann box has internal...
  9. bsquared

    explorer 5.0 swap, what harnesses are needed?

    Have you watched the videos on Youtube from the EFIGuy on how to re-work the engine harness and tie it in to your existing wiring? Search EFIGuy 5.0 on there and you should find the 3 videos that he made. Much of it explains what pins you can remove from the C-4 connector that links the engine...
  10. bsquared

    9" Pinon Angle

    X2 on what BigJHoov said. That will be your best bet, especially since you are planning on doing the welding. Good luck, B2
  11. bsquared

    TX SS – 1973 Ford Bronco Build

    Yep, I think I saw you at the one at Cedar Creek. Holler if you need any help. You moved to a new place, right? Hope to see ya soon! B2
  12. bsquared

    TX SS – 1973 Ford Bronco Build

    Man, you've been busy, brother! Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing that half cab at one of our get togethers soon! Come out for Tacos & Broncos, even w/o a Bronco! Cheers, B2
  13. bsquared

    LEBC / Lone Star Early Bronco Club / Fall at the Falls / November 12-13, 2021

    Yes, what AFLtCol said....it is definitely on! See you there. Cheers, B2
  14. bsquared

    The perfect "reuse" of the Ash Tray door...

    Not as purty as yours, but I was able to install a 3 rocker switch panel in place of my ash tray w/o drilling any holes. Onboard air, front PIAA lights and Explorer high idle option that Garry programs in for us. Worked great. That clock really looks good!
  15. bsquared

    Loss of Bronco Brother - RIP Dennis

    Sad news. RIP Dennis and condolences to his family. Prayers, B2