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Recent content by cdj7k

  1. cdj7k

    FL Jade ranger interior parts

    I have a set of door panels. I can get pictures tomorrow
  2. cdj7k

    GIVEAWAY ClassicBroncos.com Giveaway! - Duffs - Modern Door Checks - 2 winners! - Ends 10/8/22

    Thanks for the opportunity. Please add me in.
  3. cdj7k

    What have you done to your Bronco today?

    As it gets closer to completion i put the top on for the first time
  4. cdj7k

    Parchment sport mat

    that turned out great. that has been my plan for my '68 when I get to that point, which is a ways down the road.
  5. cdj7k

    Any tricks to installing carpeting over wheel tubs?

    I just did mine a couple weeks back and I found that if I cut as much of the excess off I could they laid better.
  6. cdj7k

    Paint Color / Poll / Winner / Completed!

    i think it was the right call going back to the original black. gonna look nice
  7. 1968 sport

    1968 sport

  8. cdj7k

    MN Looking for white Sport door panels

    Yeah, that is the word i couldnt think of. :-)
  9. cdj7k

    MN Looking for white Sport door panels

    I will get them out tomorrow and take a good look at them and let you know
  10. cdj7k

    CO Roadster Inserts

    Yes, i am interested in your doors and possibly the inserts. I am in co. Will send you a pm. Dave
  11. cdj7k

    MN Looking for white Sport door panels

    I have an original pair in my shop storage, but they may be parchment. I know that chrome/shiny stuff is peeling off in some areas.
  12. cdj7k

    Bronco things to in Colorado springs.

    Bronco Hut is no longer in Castle Rock. The business was sold to outfit in Tulsa.