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Recent content by Justafordguy

  1. Justafordguy

    What causes C4 to puke from dipstick tube

    Sounds like the vent is plugged up, no where for the air to go.
  2. sowega2016 7.JPG

    sowega2016 7.JPG

  3. 2021-06-27 14.56.58.jpg

    2021-06-27 14.56.58.jpg

  4. Justafordguy

    Alabama Ford Jamboree or what was Heflin Ford Show

    Dang I wish I could make it this year. You guys have fun and take a lot of pictures.
  5. Justafordguy


  6. Justafordguy

    1973 I’m not sure what I’m doing build

    Those headers/gaskets won't work. The P heads take a special header/gasket.
  7. Justafordguy

    Bronco #2 save is underway

    Looks like good progress, can't wait to see the finished project.
  8. Justafordguy

    Auto wrap vs paint

    Did you ever try the wrap? I was thinking about trying to do it myself. I wonder how much trouble it is?
  9. Justafordguy

    Windsor plant

    That was cool, thanks for sharing.
  10. Justafordguy

    A Breed Apart (1966 Ford Bronco commercial)

    That was awesome, thanks for sharing.
  11. Justafordguy

    Funny things you’ve been offered

    I had a guy offer to trade me his 1000hp Bogg truck with 5 ton axles and tractor tires, it was cool but I told him no thanks.;D
  12. Justafordguy

    What have you done to your Bronco today?

    Drove it to lunch. Also, my wife found these cool gift bags at Target. 8-)
  13. Justafordguy

    Old Bronco Photos

    Here are a few of my old Broncos: The green 73 Ranger was my first Bronco back in 1981. I got it when I was 18. ;D I've had a few others since then but can't find any more pictures right now. ;)
  14. Justafordguy

    Picture stories of what we are working on in the Shop.

    Hey Dennis, You've got the herd lookin fine as usual. 8-)
  15. Justafordguy

    Spawn build (72 Bronco rebuild) (On the road finally!)

    Looks great, nice job.