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Recent content by LouB

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    MCBC / MOEB Summer Run, Washita, MO June 24-26, 2011....Pics Added

    Same lou Hey Pete, Just now got back on site. Like David said I'm sometims away for a while. We did have a blast and somehow avoided the rain. We had one 45 minute thunder storm on the top of a mountain while repairing my radiator. Four of us held a small tarp while Steve and Pat JB welded...
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    MCBC / MOEB Summer Run, Washita, MO June 24-26, 2011....Pics Added

    good pics I pumped greese into mine yesterday and treated the windshield (inside and out) with Rain-X. Making ice today and goal is to leave at noon; but, meeting my son who is always late, sooo.
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    MCBC / MOEB Summer Run, Washita, MO June 24-26, 2011....Pics Added

    If you hurry she can drive her she can drive her own. Or is that the plan?
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    MOEB new logo/t-shirt design

    Steve, Put me down for 2 shirts, size 2XL.
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    Jr. SpareParts and sparepartsjr, both my sons have accounts set up now!

    Great to see you junior "SpareParts's" on the site. Welcome
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    OCBR 2010..Info..my phone...REGISTRATIONS UPDATED

    Antenna I got mine from Grainger. I believe 49 dollars
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    OCBR 2010..Info..my phone...REGISTRATIONS UPDATED

    Cb I think the antenna is more important. I bought a small Midland on sale for 29dollars and an antenna for 19 dollars. Wouldn't work at all. Had it checked and found the radio was good and strong; but the antenna was junk. Tech reccommended a Wilson "Little Wil'. Bought one and now the...
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    Attention all MISSOURI bronco owners ***(Final T-Shirt design on 1st. post)***

    David, Filling out my check today and will mail Thursday morning. I thought your address was; “west on the two-lane to the general store, turn right, follow the fire-break to where it crosses the power lines, take the gravel road to the old sycamore tree and turn left, just past the bean...
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    Opinion's about exhaust please

    I went with the Duff dual exhaust system. The pipes a pre-bent and really nice quality material. My truck already had new mufflers so I used them over. The pipes exit just behind the tire. It was expensive but fit perfectly and the kit gives everything you need. Just one more option to...
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    MOEB Washita Trail Run June 5th

    Yeah, dented the only piece solid sheet metal on the truck. My J__P-guy neighbor was checking it out when I got home. He was very afraid. It was a great time in a beautiful location. Sarah, thanks for your work on the pics.
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    MOEB (St. Louis) EVENTS

    Hey David. I got mine inspected yesterday and new plates so I'll see you Saturday. Finally get to see what yours looks like since the paint job.
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    Front disk brake conversion, now brakes wont stop

    correction. I'm using 1 1/16. 1 1/8 was too big.
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    Front disk brake conversion, now brakes wont stop

    You said pumping the breaks gives better stopping. That would usually indicate air in the system. I can never get mine purrged without power bleeding. If you decide to power bleed and don't haveaccess to a power bleeder, Firestone or goodyear tire will usually do it reasonably. Also, if you...
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    Flywheel bolts

    I bought a new set from Toms a few years ago. The automatic and stick bolts are also different.
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    Flywheel bolts

    I don't think they have washers. Don't substitute bolts. They have a special, short head. anything but a flywheel bolt will hit and grind on the clutch disc