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Recent content by ltatro

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    Exhaust system

    Buy the flowmasters you like and take them to your local muffler shop and have them bend you a system. Cost me $150 plus cost of flowmasters to have a system bent. That's coming off GT40P shorty headers which is a tough angle and time consuming, I thought it was pretty reasonable. My .02
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    Hood Tach Blues

    Called him a couple days ago, he wasn't sure if I could get it out through the front, thought it might be possible but didn't know. If the tach assembly is secured to the housing with a lock nut, then the housing attached through the hood and held with the other nut I'm screwed, unless I could...
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    Hood Tach Blues

    Hope this Bronco family can help me with another problem. Just got my 75 F-100 4X4 back from the body shop, new fenders, cab corners, complete paint job.. They did a nice job but my hood tach isn't working. It's an old Dixco hood tach. Of course they deny any wrongdoing, but it was working...
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    tach repair

    Anyone had a tach repaired lately? Other than the "tachman", whose price seemed outrageous, are there any other reliable repair shops for tach work? Thanks, Terry
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    C4 gasket and filter

    Get the good cork gasket, make sure your pan edges near the holes are nice and flat (to prevent any leaks)
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    One more Header Question

    Ford Motorsport ceramic headers (shorties) on a 5.0 motor. Photo is passenger side, tight fit but exhaust fit with no modifications.
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    Who all runs flowmaster mufflers?

    FFRP ceramic coated headers, 2 1/4" to dual Flow master Delta 50's, exit behind the rear wheels, nice and quiet while cruising, nice mellow sound at throttle.
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    installing new 5.0 w/gt40 heads

    I'm running a 5.0 with the P heads. Have the FFRP headers which are P specific headers. A little tight on the passenger side but I had exhaust bent to fit, no problem.
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    radio vs. turn signals

    Anyone have problems with turn signals vs. the radio. My turn signals quit working today. Besides not working, when you flip the the turn signal lever the radio (stereo) quits. When the lever is back, like after a turn, the radio comes back on. I haven't started looking yet, just wondered if...
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    Names of Broncos

    ARCHIE -name that was on the dash pad cover when I brought it back from Arizona
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    Why can't I just have a normal oil leak?

    Your to good at fixing the easy ones, if there is such a thing!!
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    2000 5.0 Explorer motor - Deal??

    grab it Take it and run, I bought a 97 with 5500 miles (Mountaineer, same thing), sold the upper and lower intake on E-bay for $450. Sold the damper, oil cooler, etc. etc. which lowered the cost of the motor considerably. I went with a carb, FFRP GT40P headers. Still working out some other...
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    5.0 2 barrel

    Anyone else running a 5.0 roller motor with a autolite 2 barrel carb?
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    correct plug gap

    I think the narrow gap would be better as well, it's a totally stock points ignition system with the exception of being dual points. When I looked at the plugs tonight it appears that the burn is uneven across the ceramic tip, half the tip is gray, the other half white.
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    correct plug gap

    Yes, I installed a Mallory dual point and purchased and installed the steel gear