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Recent content by wbdevil67

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    AX15 reverse light wiring

    Thank you I appreciate your help
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    AX15 reverse light wiring

    Hi all I am replacing my C4 on my 73 and replacing it with an AX15 and I am trying to figure out how to wire the reverse lights. I see the 4 wire plug on the fire wall where the automatic NSS goes So my questions are: 1. Do I connect the reverse light to that harness with a Black w/red wires ...
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    WH Bronco parts swap meet this Saturday! Nov. 7th

    I will be there and looking forward to it
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    Wild Horses Customer Service A+

    Agree 100% Great customer service
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    GT40 heads and valve springs

    Thanks all for the info I am running a new edelbrock performer 2122 flat tapped with new hydraulic lifter that came with the cam. so I do have the specs should I go with the springs that edelbrock has to match that cam #5922 (for valve rotators) or go with another spring Once again thanks for...
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    GT40 heads and valve springs

    Hi guys I am installing GT40 heads on a non-roller 80s block with a hydraulic lifters and flat tappet cam. I am using the stamped steel rocker arms that came on the GT40 heads. My question is what push rod will work and do I have to change the valve springs? Thanks
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    Electric fuel pump questions ?

    Thanks Guys for all the input. I am building a roller motor and am going to have to switch to an electric pump very shortly. Thanks once again
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    Electric fuel pump questions ?

    Hi Guys I am in need of some advice I want to replace my mechanical fuel pump and go electric. I am running dual tanks. 1. Where would I install it? 2. How would I wire it ? 3. What kind of electric fuel pump is recommended for an Edelbrock 4 barrel Thanks
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    SOLD Speedometer

    speedometer pm sent on speedometer
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    WA Garage Cleanout Sale

    PM sent on Distributor, vacuum advance, steel gear for roller cam
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    CA Explorer serp parts and other ford stuff

    Interested in the Stock Mustang Fox body carb intake
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    96 Explorer 5.0 Engine swap

    Thank you