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  1. helo-mech

    Im not waving at new Broncos, anymore.

    Pulled alongside at the light next to an older gentleman in his 60s; nice looking 4 door. He looked over and looked straight back forward; I was shocked. Sitting at a left turn signal when traffic from the turn light to my right starts to come through and caught the biggest smile and wave ever...
  2. helo-mech

    Autozone Broncos

    I got one. I see them around a good bit. Also have seen these larger versions of the new Bronco.
  3. helo-mech

    Glove box cover.

    Good G R I E F! I would have never guessed that.
  4. helo-mech

    Glove box cover.

    As mentioned, rivets and warranty plate below. Seems like you were asking about the door (cover) but either way I think all the info about the door and plate are all included now.
  5. helo-mech

    2.7L with 7speed manual swap

    Yeah the amount these wrecked vehicles end up out the door for is insane. I guess when there are states that will allow for a rebuild and resale following an inspection, inspection being very loose term and open to interpretation based on the state, it’s to be expected. There are only 2...
  6. helo-mech

    2.7L with 7speed manual swap

    You already have the title of the thread so I say go for it. https://www.copart.com/lot/57829752/2022-ford-bronco-base-mn-st-cloud
  7. helo-mech

    Glove box cover.

    My ‘76 glove box door (cover) is attached to the hinges of the dash with Phillips head machine screws. Same with the bottom of the hinges where they connect to the dash.
  8. helo-mech

    Need opinion on which LED headlight upgrade is the best?

    I have these from Wild Horses. Direct plug in replacement. It's amazing to be able to actually see at night. The 2nd shot is new on the driver and old halogen on the passenger side. https://www.wildhorses4x4.com/product/17899/early-bronco-headlights
  9. helo-mech

    Track bar drop bracket

    It will take me another 3 times or more to fully comprehend all of this, but it’s info like this that I try and mark for rainy days.
  10. helo-mech

    Power Steering pump replcement

    Yeah my '76 shop manual refers to the Thompson as well. Where are you located? I'll check this weekend when I get back in town, but I may have my old one lying around that you could have for another rebuild option if you are interested.
  11. helo-mech

    Sometimes I think about selling it

    Pulled it in just to upgrade the PS pump after a failure.
  12. helo-mech

    New Ignition Starter Switch - Always on!

    Any particular reason you made the change to the alternate ignition switch? I was recently fighting issues with the motor not turning off, continuous starter cranking followed later with plenty of turning over but no firing. Found my ignition switch tumbler to pretty worn. The first two I got...
  13. helo-mech

    Sitting at the computer all day making parts lists.

    Take a look at the closest Bronco event and see if they are offering free 'pick-up' at the event. I was able to avoid the shipping on a Wild Horse full family cage and another 3 boxes of stuff by having them bring it to Super Cel in TN. The entire family and I spent a week in a NICE cabin up...
  14. helo-mech

    76 Bronco with EFI not starting

    Probably on the firewall or wheel well; follow the wire off the positive side of the battery and you should find it fairly easy. First things first though. You are going to want to follow the link below and become a Contributor. The $12 a year will be well worth you being able to post...
  15. helo-mech

    Average hours involved.

    I’m betting you meant ‘ .3 ‘ (point three) correct? Kinda in the same boat with a friend and some attempts to salvage the original paint. Never thought about it but a 1/3 is actually a pretty good number. Going less than half for a friend of what a shop cost seems right for both parties. So...
  16. helo-mech

    Im not waving at new Broncos, anymore.

    I’ll wave, but NOPE to both of these.
  17. helo-mech

    Car Hauler Rental

    Same here. I use my own straps and chain binders on u-hual trailers a few times. I prefer a Penske trailer, used them for cross country moves, but you have to pull it with a Penske truck.
  18. helo-mech

    Bronco in Top Gun Maverick

    I noted a difference of hood pins, shaved fender markers, change front bumper and the 302 badging being removed; flares looked the same to me. Anyways, not gonna be happy with myself in the AM, but the Bronco in question is owned by Cinema Vehicle Services. You can book it!! Item #: C3434...
  19. helo-mech

    Bronco in Top Gun Maverick

    Oh man Google trips me out sometimes. So apparently a guy on a Ford Maverick forum thought a post was about a Maverick being in the movie. What an awesome shot that would be with a Maverick pulling up all dramatic. I mean who would think that there would be any tie in to a Ford Maverick from the...
  20. helo-mech

    Bronco in Top Gun Maverick

    It’s a Plain Jane ol’ grocery getter that’s been wrecked. In all seriousness, I couldn’t find anything official but I think it belongs to Miles. I had to go back and look but the grill is white and all of the online pictures of his actual Bronco match what was shown in the movie. There are tons...