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  1. helo-mech

    LEBC / Lone Star Early Bronco Club / Fall at the Falls / November 12-13, 2021

    Is 2021 Lone Star Early Bronco Club Fall at the Falls still happening? I haven't seen anything posted on here, I don't have FB and I never got a rely back on our LEBC site. Any one know for sure? https://lebc.clubexpress.com/content.aspx?page_id=22&club_id=887749&module_id=170578
  2. helo-mech

    Bronco and Ford Advertising Videos

    I'm sure these have been shared before, but my guess is that plenty haven't seen them. 1966 Bronco A Breed Apart: \ Ford Bronco a Flash through History! Are You Ready for the 2021 Ford Bronco Reveal? 15 Cool 1976 Ford Pick Up Truck Commercials; There is a Bronco in only one of these...
  3. helo-mech

    2021 Bronco Hot Wheels

    Digging around today and ran across this. If anyone is interested the link states that there are 6 left for purchase and delivery. https://www.walmart.com/ip/seort/853272543
  4. helo-mech

    TX License Plate Trim

    Found these on closeout; fixed my angst about the unfinished look of the plates on the Bronco. I grabbed 12 extra in case anyone else was interested. $3 + the shipping costs.
  5. helo-mech

    Using Bronco as Loan Collateral?

    I can't believe I have to even consider this, but has anyone ever used their bronco as collateral on a loan? I know I could do a personal loan, but following the fallout from Hurricane HARVEY, I would need the lower interest rate that a collateral loan would provide. Just wondering if anyone...
  6. helo-mech

    Proper Thread Location

    @ADMIN, I am looking to post a thread looking to purchase a rolling chassis that is complete with frame, motor, driveline and suspension. I would prefer one with a title, but not mandontory. My questions is, what sub-forum would you want to see this in. When clicking parts wanted, I get the...
  7. helo-mech

    Hot Air Duct Valve Routing

    Can someone point out where the hot air duct valve on the air intake is routed to? Thanks.
  8. helo-mech

    Baby Blue EB in Brentwood.....

    Saw it Friday on Balfour Rd. Anyone one here?
  9. helo-mech

    July 4th Special from Adam's Polishes

    Not affiliated at all. Just passing along the info on a product that I use and trust. I have used the 2 part paint restore, their orbital polisher pads and wax.
  10. helo-mech

    Does this blue Bronco belong to anyone on here?

    A buddy of mine at a car show in VA spotted this beauty and sent me some pics. He said the owner has owned since new. It looks really nice and that it might be a little sleeper with that motor in it.
  11. helo-mech

    Wave and say hi.....

    Headed out today from Houston, TX to San Fransisco Bay area via Moab. If you see a younger good looking gentleman dragging a Bronco down the road behind a Penske moving truck, wave and say hello. If you see a little older good looking gentleman, that would be my Father In Law helping with...
  12. helo-mech

    Securing Bronco to Trailer

    Alright, the time has come to haul the Bronco from TX to CA. Rather than let my pride get in the way and pretend that I know everything about securing a vehicle to a trailer, I am reaching out for tips and pitfalls. I will be making the 2,000 mile trip with a 27' Penske truck and car hauler...
  13. helo-mech


    Is there a way to change my settings where I get a notification when someone quotes a previous post of mine? I have this on other forums and it is nice when someone quotes something you post so you can go back and check for questions? Or even making it an option to have people be able to...
  14. helo-mech

    Master List of Picture Threads

    I can't tell you how many times I have hopped on here, done a quick search and found exactly the answer to the question I had and one thing I have noticed is all the cool picture threads we have on here. I have been wanting to do this for a while and had a little time tonight to kill so I...
  15. helo-mech

    TX 2150 Parts

    Looking for a choke lever linkage for a 2150.
  16. helo-mech

    Testing Here. No need to Click.

    Never mind. Looks like Flickr changed their rules.
  17. helo-mech

    Houston Area Meet and Great

    I did a search on here using "Houston" and found a lot of threads related to mechanics and other things and each one of the threads had one thing in common. They all had something to the effect of, "we need to get together and grab a beer." Well......lets get a date and place set. I know the...
  18. helo-mech

    TX Sorry...Please delete

    Double post. Sorry
  19. helo-mech

    TX 69-8,500 / 70-17,500 / 71-18,000 / 70-13,500 not mine

    Not mine. http://houston.craigslist.org/cto/2137539275.html Very Clean 302 V/8 3 Speed on column, 2/4 wd Power Steering, Power Brakes Lift kit, nice tires Center Console with CD/FM Radio Cash Only Thanks http://houston.craigslist.org/cto/2137053478.html Great Buy!!! Serious buyers only...
  20. helo-mech

    TX 1997 7.3L F-350 XLT Powerstroke Diesel

    1997 7.3L F-350 XLT Turbo Diesel Extended Cab Dully with gooseneck and trailer brake unit. Power windows, locks, cruise, am/fm/cd, AC, 60/40 front seat with storage center/arm rest/console. 153,xxx miles. I've got it for 8K on craigslist but I am willing to negotiate. Can't do any trades...